• Meeting with Supervisor

    I met with my supervisor briefly at lunch today. We quickly reviewed my intermission status and I reported on my previous week’s efforts. I, of course, had to relate my “D’oh” moment about the X applications running on my Mac and then discussed running it off of rsunx versus locally. He wants to be kept informed on my progress in obtaining a license. There’s a possibility that the department might be able to buy/subsidize a license and I should let him know if money needs to change hands.

    The MATLAB discussion led quite nicely into the progress. I was able to show him a graph and explain what I had been doing and my current problems. He’s going to look for info on MATLAB courses at the university and/or tutorials so I can get up to speed faster. He also reminded me that David Young is a MATLAB resource I might be able to tap.
    He was quite pleased about my progress and thought I’d managed to get quite a bit done, even if I hadn’t yet completely solved my analysis problem. At least I was getting somewhere.
    Things To Do:
    Clean up report and give to Ben before publishing as CSRP
    Continue work on MATLAB
    Read my Hypertext ’03 papers
    Research what I was waiting for David and Ian to provide
    Continue on with MATLAB licensing issues