• Marking Madness and Motivation

    Project marking has to be one of the banes of my existence. Right now I’m working on grading an end of course project consisting of a coding component and a report. The coding component is fairly straightforward to do. Other than perpetual shock at the things people believe is good design/coding, it’s something I can do in a reasonable amount of time. The part I have trouble with is the report.
    Actually, any kind of marking where you need to subjectively weigh how close an answer is to what you want is difficult for me. Perhaps it’s because Ein’s have two states in many things in life: Ein/Auf, Happy/Sad, Tired/Bouncy. There’s not much room for shades of grey in the EinWorld.
    Anyway, that leaves me with a 53 projects to finish and I’m already two weeks late and having trouble mustering any enthusiasm for it. To be fair, I already finished doing 60 for another course which also had a coding component and a project, so I am feeling a little burnt out and I do have attention deficit disorder. Nevertheless, I promised I’d be done.
    As things stand, I finished 5 completely before deciding to switch to doing all the reports first. As the reports are independent of the coding component, that’s feasible. I picked the reports to do first because I like them the least and I’ll feel the most relieved when they’re done and the rest will be easy.
    Of the 48 reports to grade, I’ve done thirteen. Any motivation, inspiration, or encouragement welcome!