• More Marking Madness

    If I don’t finish my marking very soon, they’re going to kill me. The phone calls are increasing. With the ADD, though, I just have this overwhelming sense of guilt, failure, and frustration. More about that later. Something must be done.
    Anyway, I have a plan. My Sweetie is helping me do some of the grunt administrative work that’s required (filling out the forms, uploading some of the files to each project directory to help check the functionality, checking for missing/incorrect project directories, etc.). While Sweetie’s doing that, I’ll put in a big push to finish assessing the remaining reports (22). Then, to take a break, I’ll fill in the scanning sheets for all the report-related marks for each student, and then have a go for a bit at assessing the coding parts of the projects.
    The coding part is cognitively easier to assess for me as it’s definitely more black and white (it works/it doesn’t work; it’s written well/it’s written poorly). It still takes time to do, though, because you have to check through all the functionality for various points and write up the notes.
    With luck, proper use of my ADD medication, and SweetieSupport, I hope to get it all in tomorrow evening’s post. I’ll let you know how I make out.