• It’s Such a Perfect Day, the Video

    “Just a perfect day,
    You made me forget myself.
    I thought I was someone else,
    Someone good.”

    I was visiting the UK from Switzerland when the BBC aired this “commercial” for themselves in 1997, based around Lou Reed’s classic Perfect Day. I remember being completely blown away by the production in terms of its visuals, the diversity of performers, and the BBC’s not-so-subtle message. On a beautiful blue-sky day here in London, it makes me cry a little watching it but in a good way.

    Wikipedia (2012) lists the artists in order of appearance, with columns indicating verses/sections, as:

    • Lou Reed
    • Bono
    • Skye Edwards (from Morcheeba)
    • David Bowie
    • Suzanne Vega
    • Elton John
    • Andrew Davis
    • Boyzone
    • Lesley Garrett
    • Lou Reed
    • Burning Spear
    • Bono
    • Thomas Allen
    • Brodsky Quartet
    • Heather Small (from M People)
    • Emmylou Harris
    • Tammy Wynette
    • Shane MacGowan
    • Sheona White (tenor horn player)
    • Dr. John
    • David Bowie
    • Robert Cray
    • Huey (from Fun Lovin’ Criminals)
    • Ian Broudie (from The Lightning Seeds)
    • Gabrielle
    • Dr. John
    • Evan Dando (from The Lemonheads)
    • Emmylou Harris
    • Courtney Pine (soprano saxophone player)
    • BBC Symphony Orchestra
    • Andrew Davis
    • Bono
    • Brett Anderson (from Suede)
    • Visual Ministry Choir
    • Joan Armatrading
    • Laurie Anderson
    • Heather Small
    • Tom Jones
    • Heather Small
    • Lou Reed

    I hadn’t realized not all the artists were British until I saw the Wikipedia list. I hadn’t remembered or perhaps recognized Suzanne Vega back then, but she’s definitely an American songwriter, as is Emmylou Harris. And, of course, Tammy Wynette (!) is quintessentially American country. It makes me wonder how they chose artists and why some appeared multiple times. If the Wikipedia list is correct, Heather Small (from M People) appeared three times.

    In any case, enjoy!

    1. Wikipedia (2012). Perfect Day (Lou Reed song) [online]. Available from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_Day_(Lou_Reed_song) (Accessed July 12, 2012).]

  • Thunderbird-based Postbox Drops Price Massively

    Postbox's mailbox application iconCredit: Postbox, Inc.

    Postbox's mailbox application icon

    Postbox, the Thunderbird-forked e-mail client I’ve been playing with for the last month after a discussion with Alan Cann about e-mail clients, has just substantially dropped in price from $29.95 US to $9.95 US. The previous $10.00 US discount if you tweeted about it has been reduced to $5.00, but it means you can buy Postbox (Mac OS X or Windows) starting at only $4.95!

    This price drop comes probably not coincidentally as Mozilla’s chairperson announced Mozilla won’t be putting resources into further feature development for Thunderbird. The price drop also makes Postbox more competitive with Sparrow, another Mac e-mail client. Both applications tout their wonderful Gmail integration features, but I’m a long-time POP/IMAP user keen on keeping my mail on my laptop and not in the cloud, so I’ve been appreciating the robustness of Postbox’s POP/IMAP Thunderbird heritage.

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