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    An example of a wheelie binBrighton + Garbage = It’s a real mess.
    My solution: wheelie bins for all. Yes, I secretly lust after a wheelie bin for my rubbish. Actually, I lust after a whole city full of wheelie bins, just like Nottingham. If everybody had a wheelie bin, then I could probably rely on mine not being stolen. I could also put out my garbage the night before collection and not leave the house the next morning to find that the seagulls managed to break into it and strew it all over the street, making a very large, unsanitary mess on my doorstep.
    First, we get Wheelie Bins, then we take care of the poor recycling!


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    • abi rhodes says:

      Abi Rhodes’ Zigzag Wanderings
      Twenty Thousand Lemmings Can’t be Wrong
      A Wheelie good argument’s bin brewin’
      Well, once again the Brighton & Hove City Council have excelled themselves with their people skills in their planning to introduce Wheelie Bins in the district. I know it’s already happened in some areas of the towns and the results are plain to see. In the area west of Preston Park Station for example there are streets which look like there’s a little green sentry box outside every house, guarding the way in case some objectionable person in a wheelchair wants thinks they just pass by willy-nilly. Such impudence just cannot be allowed and the Wheelie Brigade is there to make sure it doesn’t!
      Now the kraken tenticles of the wheelie kingdom are extending to take in the Golden Triangle and have the population been consulted. No way, Man! Why would they want that? No. All that was necessary was for a dictat to be issued to every household informing them of the imminent invasion of the Green Menace. Now, I for one will be happy top receive a little green guardsman, because I will not be required to house him on the pavement, because I have a suitable alleyway in which he can skulk and do his dirty business. But many good citizens of the enclave are not so lucky and are rightfully displeased that they are being forced to billet such an object. People in terraces, people with steps, the weak and infirm will all find difficulty in doing anything but leave the offending item anywhere but on the pavement, to cause menace and fire hazard to all and sundry.
      Now, tell me this, who owns the bin once it is dumped on us? Whose responsibility is it should it cause an accident? Does the Council Public Liability Insurance cover us for all eventualities? Or what?
      And tell me – do the designs of the wheelie bins fit in with those of the black recycling bins that have also been foisted on us in the Council’s belated and pathetic attempt to appear Green? No – of course not! They are completely different and together these monstrosities will go a long way in the progressive Movement in Uglification of the area. I refer of course to the recent constructions on the Endeavour Site and at the bottom of Preston Park Avenue neither of which could have been much more brutalistic if they had been intended to be. To be honest, oversized as it was, the rejected Endevour site building was a damn site better looking design than the built ones.
      Anyway, this whole thing is another object lesson in what the Council seems determined not to take on board – this is, counsult the people before you make a decision not waste everybody’s time by forcing Public Enquiries and the like by deciding first and causing a row. This whole process is of course endemic throughout politics. Those in power always know best what the rest of us need.
      They’re wrong – they need to be told and the best way to tell them is to elect people whose sense of civic duty comes before party loyalty. Even people with vested interests can be better for the town (er.. city.. sorry!) than these career politicos.
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    • Eingang says:

      I’ve seen those collapsible boxes that you mentioned and I wondered what that was as I hadn’t seen them in any other part of Brighton/Hove.
      We need some sort of solution for our area. We don’t have the big bins and our sidewalk is very narrow. For the last several weeks, every time we’ve put the garbage out, we’ve come out the next morning to discover the refuse strewn all over the place by the seagulls. Our neighbour across the way just scolded us for the mess and eyesore, although we do clean it up as soon as we notice it.
      Will the Binvelopes be used in other areas of Brighton and Hove? Can we call up CityClean and ask for our very own?

    • Steve Capon says:

      To all i have a brand new product called the Binvelope which is currently on trial in brighton north lanes.
      Any one know about my new calapsible storage box for bin bags?
      Well here’s your chance its the only storage box which allows you to store bags and once bags are removed after collection the box can be calapsed down to a meer 2inch wallet .
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    • Eingang says:

      Wheelie bin robots sound pretty cool. Since we don’t have wheelie bins, I doubt we’ll be seeing those anytime soon. As I mentioned earlier, the council seems to have put big communal dumpsters all up and down the streets. Local opinion is divided. The anti-dumpster people say that the bins take up parking spaces which are already in limited supply and they encourage people to dump their garbage anytime so it’s smelly. Coming from a city where dumpsters are very common outside of walk-up apartment buildings, I can’t say I ever noticed the latter. Have you? Are garbage dumpsters, if emptied once a week, offensively smelly when you just walk past them?

    • In Japan was invent wheelie bins robot, which can collect and recycle garbage.

    • Eingang says:

      They’re not trialing wheelie bins in our area. They’re trialing big bins, like the kind you see behind apartment buildings in Canada. Alas, while the street one up from us is so provisioned, we’re not that lucky, so it’s still our refuse strewn all over the streets by the seagulls for us.
      I’ve heard rumours that there’s a general hue and outcry about the new bins. People suggest that it takes away from Brighton’s character. I guess if you consider the redolent scene of garbage on the roads appealing and part of a city’s touristic “character,” then I’d have to agree. I’d much prefer the garbage to be tidily in bins, rather than underfoot. Your choice!

    • Eingang says:

      I see you’re not supposed to block the pavement (sidewalk), if at all possible, with your wheelie bin. If we ever get wheelie bins, unless we put them across the street, there is no way just outside our building to avoid blocking the pavement (sidewalk) which is only about a person and a half wide. Maybe we need to petition for wider sidewalks, too? We could start a whole urban reform campaign!

    • Stephen says:

      Well, your wish is granted. Almost. Trial wheelie bins from the Brighton and Hove council in several areas *not including Brighton*.

    • Stephen says:

      I just saw something about curb side pickup for recyling in Brighton. I’ll be phoning about it soon. Probably doesn’t do pop bottles and stuff though.

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