• Sharing or Oversharing? The Benefits of Google+

    Google+ iconI’m an early adopter of Google’s new social media service Google+. I’ve just realized that one of the advantages of Google+ is that I can write something blog-like but limit the audience for it. Intellectually, I knew that before, but it’s just really hit home because I wanted to share something but at the same time I wanted to limit the audience. It therefore shouldn’t go on my blog, because potentially anyone can see that. Google+ is a good solution.

    However, it does leave me wondering how to structure this particular type of sharing. Most of my circles were set up around my various interests or social groups. As surprising as this may sound, for a person who seems rather open (or maybe I misperceive myself?), I feel I’m intensely private with a very, very small circle of people I consider friends. I’m therefore not sure how to share this particular thing. Yes, with that small group of people—who don’t even have a Google+ circle!—but I do want it to go a little wider than that. There’s a line to be drawn somehow between privacy and over-familiarity when sharing. Things to make you go, “Hmmm…”


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