• [Songs from a Big Place]

    Front cover of Songs from Big Place CD

    As part of a “Secret Santa” project in my research group, we were asked to purchase generic gifts for people. As I’m the only Canadian amongst mostly Mexican and British researchers, I opted to make a Canadian mix collection expressing some things quintessionally Canadian and Ein. The actual CD features an artistically produced booklet on peach banana-fiber paper with original artwork. I’ve included the liner notes accompanying the songs below the list.

    Back cover of Songs from Big Place CD

    1. Ride Forever by Paul Gross on the album Due South
    2. The Last Saskachewan Pirate by The Arrogant Worms on the album Semi-Conducted
    3. River Valley by Moxy Früvous on the album Bargainville
    4. North Country by The Rankin Family on the album Collection
    5. Canadian Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot on the album Complete Greatest Hits
    6. Song For A Winter’s Night by Sarah McLachlan on the album Women & Songs: Christmas
    7. Go Go Round by Blue Rodeo on the album Beautiful: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot
    8. Go For Soda by Kim Mitchell on the album Oh What A Feeling 2 (Disc 3)
    9. Fly at Night by Chilliwack on the album Greatest Hits
    10. We’re Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time) by Trooper on the album Oh What A Feeling 2 (Disc 2)
    11. Hina Na Ho (Celebration) by Susan Aglukark on the album This Child
    12. I Can See Clearly Now by Holly Cole Trio on the album Don’t Smoke in Bed
    13. Raised on Robbery by Joni Mitchell on the album Court and Spark
    14. Moorlough Shore by Caroline Lavelle on the album Spirit
    15. Boston and St. John’s by Great Big Sea on the album Road Rage
    16. Water From the Moon by Corey Hart on the album Boy in the Box
    17. Be As by Prozzäk on the album Saturday People
    18. Thin Red Line by Glass Tiger on the album The Thin Red Line
    19. Lovers in a Dangerous Time (remix) by Barenaked Ladies on the album Time 100 – Volume 2 (Disc 2)

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  • [Insect Intonation]

    Today I’ve learned that, if you get enough insect life flying above your head in clouds thick enough to cut with your hands like a knife, the insects make a sound together not too dissimilar to that of high-voltage electrical lines. That’s the way it was on the Waskahegan Trail around Miquelon Lake on Sunday, August 29th. And, with that sound, I was home.

  • [Weeping White]

    [Stark snow-covered landscape with a solitary, snow-laden pine tree]I woke up this morning in Edmonton and the sky was weeping white, coating the trees, the hills, and brown ground with a soft carpet. The main streets, while mostly plowed, were somewhat devoid of traffic, so there was a hush, appropriate to the virgin wool coat of the world. Little flakes dance like dust motes caught in an errant sunbeam. The sky is an even snowy grey, so unlike the darker, drearier skies of our Brighton home. On days like this, it is so easy to feel at peace and one with the world, believing that perhaps people and places are not so bad after all.

  • [Rays' Return]

    The trees of my ascent into adulthood sway in the slight winter breezes and a midweight blanket of snow covers the ground, glistening starkly by moonlight against the dark swathe of the heavens. The sun has long set, it being the second shortest night of the year. Tomorrow, the solstice and the gradual return of lengthening light to my world. Ah, but tonight, tonight is the celebration, the beckoning, the welcoming of light back to the land. Armed with food to share and light hearts, we speed off to join our sisters and brothers in dance, chant, and song.

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