• Dating My Love

    I’m no longer married, so I’m not sure that “going out on ‘date’ night with my ‘spouse’” applies exactly, but I still think it’s a good practice, so I had decided to carry it over into my new relationship.

    We started off fairly well in achieving this. I set aside Tuesday evenings as “Tuesday Evening Date Night” and then moved it to Wednesday when we had a regular Tuesday evening commitment. That then was shunted to Friday evenings as Wednesday developed a regular activity elsewhere.

    Then things went by the wayside. I’ve just gone through a very, very busy period of intense work and buying a house. I admit it slipped. I’m resolved to try to be better and to commit to making a time for this each week. I’m including an additional conditional too: it should involve leaving the house at least once a month. World of Warcraft and movies snuggled together on the couch are fine, but let’s add some variety too!

  • [Cherishicity Conundrum]

    I had a powerful dream involving Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies. Prior to going to sleep the other night, I was talking with my ex in Vancouver. He mentioned he was going to a concert this weekend. I was all grumpy because it was sure to be something good and I would be missing out. It turned out he had decided to go see the Arrogant Worms — definitely not a big-name Canadian band! He had been thinking of going to see the Barenaked Ladies but declined because he thought it wouldn’t be as fun this time without me there. There. Now the scene is set for me to relate the dream.

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