• [Ambulance Angst]

    The sound of an ambulance always makes me cry. The pitiful wailing reminds me of how fragile the bonds of life really are. The rising and falling scream rarely signifies good tidings. Perhaps that’s why I cry. Deep inside, where I keep it carefully hidden, beats the heart of a sensitive.


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    • Air Ambulance says:

      As for me, I love the trainwhistles. They make me dream of adventures, travelling far away… It’s such a special romantic feeling :) )

    • Ambulance Girl says:

      I really understand you. A couple of weeks ago I was surprised when I felt like crying after I heard this sound. This had never happened to me before… Perhaps this is because my parents both were in hospital then… But now everything’s ok with my parents but the sound of an ambulance still drives me crazy.

    • Eingang says:

      Oo! I always liked train whistles at night. My grandmother lived near train tracks and I always found it comforting for the first few nights I would stay with her. After that, I ceased to hear it. I never thought of them as being mournful, but I guess they can be when you hear them all by themselves in the stillness of the night.

    • grace twain says:

      me to. and trainwhistles late at night have the same effect. very mournful sound.

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