• [Rays' Return]

    The trees of my ascent into adulthood sway in the slight winter breezes and a midweight blanket of snow covers the ground, glistening starkly by moonlight against the dark swathe of the heavens. The sun has long set, it being the second shortest night of the year. Tomorrow, the solstice and the gradual return of lengthening light to my world. Ah, but tonight, tonight is the celebration, the beckoning, the welcoming of light back to the land. Armed with food to share and light hearts, we speed off to join our sisters and brothers in dance, chant, and song.

    Light is returning
    Even though this is the darkest hour
    No one can hold back the dawn
    Let’s keep it burning
    Let’s keep the light of hope alive
    Make safe our journey through the storm
    One planet is turning
    Circles on her path around the Sun
    Earth Mother is calling her children home
    – Light Is Returning by Charlie Murphy @1984

    This is our first winter solstice celebration. Symbolic, perhaps, for we all are relatively new to the community and this is the first celebration of the new year, which started on Samhain (pronounced sow-un, where sow rhymes with cow), October 31st. We did not know what to expect, but we are merry met in an eclectic grouping of people, colours, clothing, and scents.

    We are opening up in Sweet Surrender
    to the Luminous Love Light of the One.
    We are opening up in Sweet Surrender
    to the Luminous Love Light of the One.
    We are opening; we are opening.
    We are opening; we are opening.

    The circle, created by our joined hands, is cast. Out! Out! Out! Bad thoughts, bad spirits, and bad intentions are banished from the circle. “Ra! Ra! Ra!” The deities invited, the cardinal directions welcomed. And then the chanting, leading into the spiral dances. Voices rise. We are opening. Spiraling. Opening. The energy level heightens as people make eye contact and sinuously wind throughout the room. The spark of intention has long been set and there is no thought but the chant, the beat, and the motion. Light is returning. I, too, am lighter in heart and spirit. Blessed be.


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