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    From this week’s Bulletin, newsletter of the University of Sussex.

    A part-time DPhil student in the Informatics department has won a national Associate Lecturer Teaching Award from the Open University (OU). Michelle Hoyle started teaching in the OU’s Faculty of Technology in May 2000 and delivers internet technology courses, primarily online. The award will be presented on 20 April at a ceremony in Milton Keynes and comes with £1,000 to be used for personal and/or professional development.

    It’s also on the front page of the Informatics web site at the university. It’s my 15 minutes of fame this year. (-:


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    • Eingang says:

      I discussed the concrete cows with my staff tutor who was driving me part of the way to Milton Keynes. He had heard and seen the cows, but not recently. His explanation was that local residents liked the idea of having cows in their fields, but they didn’t want the reality of cows. Hence, concrete cows, which look OK from a distance. What can I say other than to quote Bart Simspon, “Don’t have a cow, man!”

    • Eggs says:

      w00t! =)
      Concrete cows? Do they give thinset milk? That’s udderly rediculous!
      Hi Little Buddy! =-x

    • Eingang says:

      I’ll have you know that I looked for concrete cows, but I didn’t see any. The person driving me seemed to know about them, but he said he hadn’t seen them for about 20 years. They’re apparently in fields north of Milton Keynes and we were coming up from the south.
      I think it’s weird to put concrete cows into fields because they’re cleaner and easier to manage than the real kind!

    • teetee says:

      Congratulations (-:
      Milton Keynes, though? Concrete cows..

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