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    In here goes: Bad times made better by Happy Meals, it’s pointed out that the McDonald’s pedometer isn’t in fact a pedometer at all, because it only counts steps and not distance. I suspect the Special K one is similar and I’ve heard rumours that it can count steps by itself just sitting on a counter.

    Has 10,000 steps really captured the public’s imagination? I think many people feel like they don’t get enough exercise. Earlier, I wondered if free pedometers at McDonald’s would be enough to draw people in and get them out. Since I wrote that, I’ve learned that the promotion is also available in Canada and one of my stablest friends has already whipped out to his local McDonald’s and picked up one. He’s talking about getting one in each of the seven colours. He’s not alone in at least getting one. Someone else I know discovered that it’s possible to buy the pedometers from McDonald’s in the States simply by asking for it alone and paying out $2.20. So, what are you waiting for? Run, don’t walk to your nearest McDonald’s, and work off those Big Macs with your feet. Even if you don’t go anywhere, you’ll at least know for sure how little you’ve done.


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