• [Student Standards]

    Even though I’m working on a Ph.D. and have been for several years, I want my home to feel like a home, and not like the remnants of a free-for-all jumble sale. This is especially important when you consider that I spend almost all of my time working from home. Order, organization, cleanliness, and comfort are definitely my bywords and clash strongly with my recollections of days of living off of $3.25 (CDN) an hour in a shared apartment, sleeping on the floor, and eating instant noodles. That’s the student experience. It’s definitely over-rated! I don’t miss those years at all.

    If I’m going to live the student lifestyle, I’d rather do it more in a Gilmore Girls fashion, with designer desks, cozy carpets, and swoopy stereo equipment. I mean, how can you be expected to work or study without decent tunes and sound. Now that the first blush of youth, as we say, is gone from my cheeks, it’s time to do some serious nesting. Let there be coffee tables, cushions, and CD racks. Amen!


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    • Stephen says:

      I wonder if I’ll come back to the flat one day and find that there is nothing but coffee tables, cushions and CD racks. Some serious nesting going on.
      “Oh, come on in. You’ll need to step on the brown coffee table and walk onto blue coffee table to get to the cushions there where you’ll have access to CD rack #21B. Don’t mind the cats! If you need anything, just yell and I’ll toss it from the kitchen.”

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